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Who moves the goalposts when the badgers aren’t around?

I wrote a really dreary post yesterday about the course and I feel like in doing so I kind of did it and myself a disservice. It wasn’t talking about the course in a bad light; more my struggles and concerns about certain modules. But I’ve decided I can look at these issues from a different perspective.

Today Paul Bradshaw talked to us about the BASIC principles of writing online so I am going to do my utmost to stick to them.

This post is about goals. No badgers, sorry.

I was reading this piece by Scott Adams the cartoonist, about how to succeed. The key is failing. Over and over. He also says he doesn’t believe in ‘following your passion’ or giving yourself goals.

I like goals. I’m constantly making them to try to challenge myself, then doing them, then trying something harder.

Goals help me to focus my energy and time. And importantly they aren’t static – I move my goalposts (like badgers, apparently) to adapt to what I’m learning and doing.

End of term goals…

  • Get better and more confident at doing maths (online course?) – measure by ability to cope with data etc
  • Set up my own method of learning Media Law
  • Take part in whole of PA week and write up notes
  • Set up work experience at two different places
  • Find 3-5 tools I can use to get the most out of Twitter
  • Experiment with Twitter, document experiments if interesting/useful
  • Play around with datasets and visualisations – see what I can come up with
  • Come up with 10 valid, doable ideas for the group blog

A couple of these could be quite challenging. I am so excited about 70-80% of the course but there’s that small fraction that I just find too difficult or intimidating right now, and I think having some positive pointers and goals will help me.


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