Szent István bazilika in Budapest (St Stephen's)

Beautiful view from the top of St Stephen’s Basilica, Budapest

My name’s Soph and I’m currently studying the Interactive Journalism MA at City University and working multiple freelance jobs in London.

About me

But that’s boring, what about you? I hear you say. Well, I’m in my mid-twenties, I’ve lived in London all my life, and I co-habit with a puppy and a cat who don’t particularly get on. Outside of work and university and other things that don’t sound interesting or fun, I love travelling.

I recently camped across America for about four weeks, starting in San Francisco and ending in New York. On my journey I survived bears, black widow spiders, tarantulas, coyotes, bobcats and mosquitoes. You can bet I was pretty happy to be in a bed at the end of it! I also spent some time camping in South America, where I went piranha fishing in the Pantanal (amongst other things) – and I actually caught one!

I’m interested in “making news work”, I really enjoy data journalism and social media within a journalistic context, and I love great photography – an happy surprise that came about as a result of spending two years working with pictures on a digital desk.

Naturally, I’m on Twitter, so pop over and say hi.

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